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GB512 Business Communications Unit 1 Assignment

The Persuasive Email

The following Course Outcome is assessed in this assignment:

GB512-1: Prepare documents using industry conventions and Standard English mechanics.

You practiced with persuasive email concepts prior to preparing this assignment. For this first writing assignment, you will write a persuasive email of 500–750 words to the author of an article you find interesting in one of these publications: The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, or The Washington Post. The article must have been published within the last 14 days.

You may select an article that you agree with, disagree with, or a combination of both. In your persuasive response, include what you liked about the article, what you disliked, what you believe should have been added, or perhaps what should not be in the article at all.

As you prepare your email, consider the audience, purpose, form, and content. Cite passages from the article in your response following current APA format for in-text citations. Include at least two additional references published within the last year that support your points. Provide a references page that includes at least three references — the article you are responding to, and the two supporting references.

Peer-reviewed academic articles, articles published in journals, textbooks, and library resources in the Purdue University Global library databases are examples of high quality resources. Note: Wikipedia, Investopedia, and blogs etc., are not considered reliable resources for this research.

You can search for peer-reviewed articles quickly by checking the box just below the Library search bar that says, “Limit to: Peer Reviewed.”


The persuasive email responds to the following checklist items demonstrating analysis and critical thinking:

Uses no fewer than 500, no more than 750 words, inclusive of references. 

Follows email conventions in fields.

Addresses the intended audience in a clear and appropriate manner. 

Provides a clearly established, sustained viewpoint and purpose. 

Justifies opinion in a persuasive manner using viable references. 

Selects and incorporates no fewer than three credible sources. 

Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation. 

Subject: Urgent Action Needed on Climate Change: A Response to Your NYT Article

Dear Plumer,

I recently read your article in The New York Times titled "Climate Change Is Speeding Toward Catastrophe. The Next Decade Is Crucial, U.N. Panel Says" about the dire warnings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Your comprehensive coverage of the urgent need to reduce fossil fuel usage to avert catastrophic global warming resonated deeply with me.

Your article effectively underscores the importance of the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold, eloquently highlighting the catastrophic consequences of exceeding it. The detailed discussion of current global warming trends and the need for immediate global cooperation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is both informative and alarming. It's a commendable job in raising awareness about this critical issue.

However, I believe the article could further benefit from a more detailed exploration of the potential solutions and innovations in renewable energy. While the challenges and current state of affairs are well-articulated, readers would benefit from an optimistic perspective showcasing successful global initiatives and technological advancements in combating climate change.

Moreover, incorporating case studies or examples of countries that have effectively reduced their carbon footprint could provide a more balanced view and inspire actionable change. Such an approach aligns with findings from recent studies, such as Jansson (2019) and Woolway et al. (2020) which emphasize the positive impact of renewable energy projects.

In conclusion, your article is a powerful call to action, but it could achieve an even greater impact by balancing the urgent warnings with practical solutions and success stories in the fight against climate change. Thank you for shedding light on this critical issue facing humanity.




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