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GB512 Business Communications Unit 5 Discussion

Topic: Stakeholders and Bad News

Stakeholder Memo

You read about stakeholders in your Learning Activity and Reading area of this unit. How might external stakeholders’ points of view be different from internal stakeholders? What changes would you expect to see in writing style and content under the following circumstances?

Read the scenario and follow the steps provided.

Scenario: A public company is changing its mission and business entity to be a for-profit benefit corporation that is required to show social and environmental benefits besides a profit. But so far, the company has not altered their actions and policies regarding enormous environmental waste being generated. Access background information for the Discussion.

Step 1: Read the scenario and choose one of these external stakeholders: Suppliers, customers, the community, competitors, society (the environment), banks and lending institutions, and the government.

Step 2: Compose a short email (200 words) to the CEO regarding your chosen stakeholder’s reaction to the changes and the ethical considerations. Remember the appropriate email format, including the required fields of to, from, date, subject.

Step 3: Respond to one of your classmates’ emails as the CEO in a minimum of 150 words.

Step 4: For your final response to classmates, vote (1) for the best memo from an external stakeholder and (2) the best response to an external stakeholder other than your own. Your instructor will set up a forum for voting purposes.

To:                  John Doe, CEO of A Benefit Corporation

From:              AP, Citizen Concerned about the Environment

Date:               June 4, 2022

Subject:           A Benefit Company Must Adopt Sustainable Practices

Dear Mr. Doe,

I hope that this email finds you well. My name is AP, and I am a citizen concerned about the negative impact that A Benefit Company is having on the environment. The World Health Organization (2021) states that climate change is “the biggest health threat facing humanity.” Climate change involves changes in the earth’s weather patterns that will have lasting effects on society and is caused primarily by human activities that produce greenhouse gases (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, n.d.). After researching your company, I have discovered that A Benefit Company has become a for-profit benefit corporation and has not been following environmental guidelines (B Lab, 2020).

Being that A Benefit Company certifies environmentally sustainable companies such as Patagonia and Method, I am appalled that it has not adopted sustainable practices to limit greenhouse gas emissions itself (B Lab, 2020). 13 million individuals per year die as a result of environmental factors, and climate change will only continue to exacerbate this number (World Health Organization, 2021). It is time for A Benefit Company to step up and adopt practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its own facilities.

Overall, I implore you to consider making changes to improve sustainability practices within A Benefit Company. If you are the legal entity certifying other environmentally sustainable corporations then you should be following the same guidelines within your own corporation. Thank you for your time.



Citizen Concerned about the Environment


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